The Taekwondo WT Academy
of the Kyrgyz Republic

Sports camp

Sports campAnnually after the completion of the training season, students of the Taekwondo (WT) Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic leave for training camps at the Issyk-Kul Lake, where in the fertile coast conditions regular trainings are conducted, technical skills and taekwondo skills are developed. Children also take part in cultural events held by the administrations of boarding houses and recreation centers.

It is commonly known that representatives of all sports practice having training camps that have a different focus – health, rehabilitation, training before important sport activities. For the Taekwondo Academy, the training camps are an important final part of the training process, the goal of which is not only the development and consolidation of the most important skills, but also the team building and formation of a team spirit. Also, the management of the sports organization considers the training camps as a way to encourage the best young Taekwondo players for perseverance in training, achievements in competitions.

Sports camp

Therefore, the management of the Academy of Taekwondo first of all tries to provide excellent conditions for holding training camps, every year it chooses health resorts with appropriate sports facilities and good infrastructure. In order for children to receive nourishing three meals a day, live in decent rooms, have an opportunity to participate in all games and contests. The management of the Academy of Taekwondo draws special attention to the fact that the boarding house is located in a convenient location, has a clean sandy beach, a shallow coastal strip for the safety purposes, and the possibility of walking.

Over the past years, the training camps were organized in the “Chaika Resort” boarding house, “Solnyshko” recreation center, “Mayak” sports health center and other institutions. On average, annually about 20 children of different ages – from 8-10 to 13-17 years – attend the training camps. Instructors of the Academy of Taekwondo led by President U. Tohturbaev engage with the children in boarding houses and rest centers. They work on the development and improvement of the children’s taekwondo techniques, grinding skills, strengthening the spirit and body.

In the Issyk-Kul conditions, clear sleep and rest regime, a series of various activities, strengthened training has a positive psychological and emotional impact, contributes to the growth of the skills of young athletes. They train with great desire and perseverance; it is easier for them to master complex techniques, strikes and techniques. Other vacationers, including foreign ones, also become eyewitnesses of training, many children come, everyone observes the well-coordinated actions of the children with great pleasure.

Sports camp

After seeing the training, some parents decide to enroll the children in taekwondo. Of course, it is nice for coaches to hear this.

In their free time, children swim and sunbathe, watch movies, go to a disco, make hiking and horseback excursions to picturesque places, walk around the lake on boats, participate in basketball, football, beach volleyball tournaments. Often during joint recreation, they happened to hold friendly tournaments with taekwondo players from different countries, who came here for training, namely teams from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Russia.

Parents are very worried about the sports results of the children; support their aspirations morally and financially. At the training camp, the children train with redoubled energy to come back to their home gym in the fall, and start preparing for important tournaments.