The Taekwondo WT Academy
of the Kyrgyz Republic

Our Academy

Our AcademyThe Taekwondo Academy (WT) of the Kyrgyz Republic was established in 2015. The Academy consists of four groups of different age categories: children, cadets, juniors, adults, a total of about 1000 talented and promising athletes. Among them are ten masters of sports of the KR, 70 candidates for masters and 100 holders of black belts from 1st to 6th Dan. Geographically, in addition to Bishkek, the Academy’s branches are open in the southern and northern regions of Kyrgyzstan. The training process is conducted under the motto: “In sport, as in life – everything is given through striving and work, will and perseverance.”

The activities of the Taekwondo Academy (WT) are focused on the training of specialized instructors who could later contribute to the field of physical culture and sports, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Particular attention is given to those who intend to make a coaching path of their life, will develop this Olympic sport in Kyrgyzstan, educating a new pleiad of champions of the most prestigious international tournaments, right up to the Olympic Games.


Our AcademyAnother important activity of the Taekwondo Academy (WT) of the Kyrgyz Republic is the education of young athletes in a tolerant attitude to Korean culture and traditions, thus forming a cultural social environment. Taekwondo is a national Korean sport, so the leadership and coaching staff of the Taekwondo Academy (WT) synchronize work without departing from Korean customs and traditions, including exercises, block names, and punches in the Republic of Korea.

Our AcademyDuring the existence of the Taekwondo Academy (WT), huge sports and organizational work was done: the judiciary system was amended, and a great contribution was made to the development of Taekwondo in Kyrgyzstan. The annual Championship and the Cup of the Taekwondo Academy (WT) of the Kyrgyz Republic, with the participation of the countries of the near and far abroad, as well as certifications (protection for colored and black belts) and coaching seminars for further training are held.

Our AcademyStudents of the Academy are engaged not only in the gym, but every year along with the coach and instructors are training camps on the Issyk-Kul lake. Such events remarkably strengthen the team spirit and physical health of the students.

An important aspect of the Academy’s work is social work. Thus, the doors of the Taekwondo Academy (WT) are open for children with various physical disabilities. For them, classes are taught twice a week by the instructors of the Academy at no charge. The leadership of the Academy sees in this its social mission and responsibility to society, by involving its young mentors in this.





Our Academy

President of the World Taekwondo Federation (WT) Mr. Chung Won Choi

Ubaidula TOHTURBAEV – President of the Taekwondo Academy (WT) KR, Honored Coach of the Kyrgyz Republic with 22 years of experience, master of sports of the Kyrgyz Republic, holder of International black belt, 6th Dan, WTA Kukkiwon 3rd Class Taekwondo Master, he was awarded with a badge “Excellent worker of Physical Education and Sports of the Kyrgyz Republic”, “Excellent worker of the National Education of the KR”, a graduate of the Kyrgyz State Academy of Physical Culture and Sport.

Being the senior coach of the junior team, U. Tohturbaev organized participation and travels of the students to championships of Asia in Almaty (Kazakhstan), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Seoul (South Korea), where our athletes achieved remarkable results. So, in 2012 students successfully performed at the “Russia Open” tournament, having won silver medals. In 2008 and 2013, athletes managed to win the gold medals at the international tournament “Korea Open”.

In fall of 2016 under leadership of the Academy “Cup of the Taekwondo Academy (WT) KR” was held with the participation of athletes from the southern and northern regions of Kyrgyzstan, as well as guests from neighboring Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. Next, a number of tournaments took place with the participation of Kazakh Taekwondo athletes from the leading clubs of the RKS “Barys” and IC “Dostar”.

Our Academy

Director of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports under the Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic – Shabdanbaev Kanat Keneshovich.

In the same year the students of the Academy Alexey Kolchin, Kristina Dementieva, Vladimir Tyulenev, Elina Khvan, Kamilla Mambetova and Muhammad Zhanserkeyev achieved success at the first international tournament “Olympic Bear”, which was held from April 15 to April 17 in Moscow.

On May 27-28 the second championship of the Taekwondo Academy took place. For the first time, students of the instructors of the Academy: Shukurov Islam, Roman Kvashin, Robert Pak, Islam Zhylkychiev, Aziz Botaliyev, Nurlan Djumaliev and Anist Shakhova participated in the competition. Also, 50 sportsmen from the southern and northern regions of Kyrgyzstan – branches of the Taekwondo Academy, arrived to participate in the tournament.

The taekwondo athletes of Kyrgyzstan performed brilliantly at the Taekwondo International Festival WT-2016, which was held on October 28-29, 2016 in Khujand, Tajikistan. Representatives of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, all cities and regions of Tajikistan took part in this event.

In July of the same year, at the invitation of the Taekwondo Federation (WT) of Kazakhstan, Ubaidula Tokhturbaev and the instructor of the Academy Islam Zhylkychiev passed the IOC international coaching courses in Almaty under the auspices of the World Taekwondo WT in the context of the IOC Olympic Solidarity Program.




Our Academy

President of the Asian Taekwondo Union (WT) Lee Kyu Seok

Coach’s of the Taekwondo Academy (WT) of the Kyrgyz Republic – holders of black belts, 2nd Dan: Andrey Didenko, Evgeniy Rudenko and Kylych Ryskeldiev ; Holders of black belts, 3rd Dan: Islambek Isaev, Roman Kvashin, Robert Pak, Nurlan Djumaliev, Islam Zhylkychiev, Aziz Botaliyev, Vladimir Tyulenev, Muratbek uulu Atay, Iman Kengebaev, Kamilla Mambetova; Holders of black belts, 4th Dan: Islam Shukurov. Thanks to the work of a well-coordinated team, the number of people involved in the sections of the Taekwondo Academy is growing dynamically.

Academy Taekwondo plans in the near future to release a series of methodological aids, based on their own empirical experience.

Taekwondo Academy (WT) The Kyrgyz Republic, being a subject of the sport life of the republic, closely cooperates with the authorized state bodies represented by the State Agency for Physical Culture and Sports under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic within the framework of the general state policy in this sphere. Thus, intensive interaction, complex joint efforts allow developing this sport all over Kyrgyzstan.


In our activity we act with the understanding of the need not only to teach the technique of taekwondo, and to develop physical conditions, but also to teach our students the best moral and strong-willed qualities. The athlete must respect the Olympic principles and values, be honest, responsible, fair, persistent in his studies, respectful to the trainer, courageous on the Dayan, noble to his rivals and to his teammates, and loyal to his Academy ”

President of the Taekwondo Academy WT KR